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Jinggangshan Economic Development Zone Public Security Fire Brigade went to the jurisdiction to carry out fire product safety inspection

2017-11-03 16:05

In order to further strengthen the supervision and inspection of the quality of fire protection products, crack down on and eliminate fake and inferior products, and effectively eliminate the fire hazards caused by the quality problems of fire protection products. Recently, the Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone Public Security Fire Brigade carried out a fire product safety inspection for labor-intensive enterprises in the area in combination with the special fire fighting activities in autumn.  
The supervision and law enforcement personnel of the brigade linked the supervision of fire protection products with the daily inspection, combined with the actual situation, and went to one place, focusing on the comprehensive inspection of fire protection products such as fire emergency lights, emergency evacuation signs, fire doors, fire extinguishers, indoor fire hydrants, fire hoses, fire water guns, etc. in each place. In strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the Fire Protection Law, the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Fire Protection Products, and the Rules for the On-site Inspection and Judgment of Fire Protection Products, carefully check whether a fire protection product has passed the national mandatory product certification, the inspection certificate, product access mark, anti-counterfeit mark, certification certificate, manufacturer, model and specification, structural parts, production date Check whether the performance parameters meet the relevant regulations one by one, and fill in the Supervision and Inspection Record of Fire Products.  
In view of the problems such as insufficient pressure of fire extinguishers and insufficient illumination of emergency lights found in individual places during the inspection, the brigade supervision and law enforcement personnel seriously ordered immediate rectification. If the rectification cannot be carried out on the spot, a notice of rectification within a time limit was issued according to law. At the same time, the brigade supervision and law enforcement personnel introduced the methods of identifying fake and inferior fire protection products to the fire safety principals and relevant personnel of each enterprise, urged the principals of each site to improve the fire safety awareness and the ability to identify the true and false fire protection products, comprehensively carried out the fire protection product self-inspection and self-correction activities, and timely found and eliminated unqualified fire protection products.  
In the next step, the brigade will also strengthen the inspection of fire protection products, strictly investigate and deal with counterfeiters and sellers according to law, and take rigid measures to crack down on fake and inferior fire protection products in the production, circulation and use fields. It also actively publicizes the knowledge of fire protection products in various forms, guides the masses to correctly choose fire protection products, thus safeguarding the rights and interests of users and maintaining social public safety.