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Hidden dangers are everywhere, fire extinguishing 119, fire prevention, find Shenghui!

2019-07-18 15:53

Jiangxi Shenghui Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. led a group of young fire fighting heroes to complete the "fire fighting legend of Huowa" in July 2019.
Huowa, formerly known as Shenghui and nicknamed Xiaohui, was once a post-80s firefighter, a fire-fighting hero and a martyr! Xiaohui is the second generation of "fire", and his father is an orphan, who grew up with a family meal, and is also a fire fighter and martyr! Because I like to listen to my father's stories about fire fighting when I was young, I understand that fires are mostly caused by small fires, and most of them are caused by people's carelessness and lack of attention to fire prevention. Huo Wa has been promoting fire prevention knowledge and importance of fire prevention since childhood, aiming to improve the fire prevention awareness of the whole people, and is determined to dedicate youth for people to stay away from fire,
But tragedies were not spared and followed! For the sake of saving people's lives and property, for their glorious mission, the merciless fire has swallowed up father and Huowa twice, took their lives, and completely shattered Huowa's dreams and aspirations! Countless people were moved and shocked by the heroic deeds of father and son and the ruthlessness of the fire! But they are only two of the countless fire martyrs. You should know that a fire in Sichuan took the lives of 30 fire fighters some time ago! The fire and explosion in Tianjin Port destroyed the entire port fire brigade! Hundreds of people were killed and injured in the Shanghai Building. The families of the victims went to the government gate to pray for the survivors! There was also a family of six people, and there was only one old lady left. After the disaster, the insurance company sent more than 8 million yuan of compensation to her home. The old lady took the check and said with tears in her eyes, "Everyone is gone. Who is the money for?"!
All these scenes finally attracted the attention of the state and promoted the fire control system. The transportation department also issued that the annual inspection of vehicles should be equipped with fire extinguishers, and the vehicles must be equipped with fire extinguishers at high speed. Once found, penalty points will be deducted.
Don't Chinese people know that fire and water are merciless? Don't cherish life? Why 70% of foreign families are equipped with fire extinguishers, gas masks and escape ropes, while less than 0.1% of Chinese families have fire extinguishers. The real reason is that the original traditional fire extinguisher is harmful and toxic, and its use is complex. When a fire comes, people are in a hurry because of the heat flow. They often do not know how to use the fire extinguisher correctly, so most of them have no intention to equip the fire extinguisher.
But now the puzzle has been solved, because the story of Huo Wa moved an enterprise owner. He invited several domestic chemical polymer experts and doctors with a large sum of money, invested tens of millions of dollars and spent more than a year to develop a truly non-toxic, harmless, environment-friendly, 100% degradable, whole plant extract, and drinkable fire extinguishing agent, designed a fire extinguisher that is simple enough to extinguish fire, such as mosquitoes, and can extinguish all kinds of fires that are often encountered, and the magic is that it can cool down quickly, Spray on your body at a critical moment to prevent fire and escape from the fire! In order to let the story of Huowa remind us all the time and let Huowa live in people's hearts forever, it is named Shenghui DTE Fire Fighting Legend.
We invite you to complete the last wish of Huowa. Now you can customize a double insurance for your children, elderly and family at a cost of 195 yuan. At a critical moment, you can not only protect the life of your family, but also a family fire property insurance with a maximum compensation of 1.5 million yuan. You have also contributed to the fund of Huowa. Let us work with the Red Cross Society's Blue Sky Rescue Mission and the Fude Life Volunteer Team, Together, we will give free fire extinguishers to schools and families in poor mountainous areas. We are more willing to help you become a hero. Heroes do not have to sacrifice their precious lives in exchange. As long as you have this fire extinguisher, everything is possible. When you encounter any fire alarm such as spontaneous combustion of cars around you or accidents in the neighborhood, you can become a hero as long as you rush forward and spray!