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In the morning, three people were trapped in a sudden fire in the community, and Yongding Fire successfully rescued

2018-03-23 13:53

At about 7:25 on March 21, the Yongding Fire Brigade of Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province received the alarm. A fire broke out on the 13th floor of Building A, Xinyeyuan Community, Fengwan Road Crossing, Yongding District, and three people were trapped. The situation was critical and needed rescue. After receiving the alarm, the Yongding Fire Brigade quickly dispatched 3 fire trucks and 21 officers and soldiers to the scene for emergency treatment, and the on-duty leader of the fire brigade sent out the police.
After the firefighters arrived at the scene, they learned through on-site reconnaissance that the place where the fire broke out was the living room sofa. The fire was large and the smoke was rolling. The fire was in danger of spreading to the adjacent area. In addition, there was no water in the indoor fire hydrant of the community. There were people trapped on the upper and lower floors of the fire floor. It was difficult to put out the fire. The Yongding Fire Brigade immediately reported to the Zhangjiajie Fire Brigade Command Center for reinforcements and quickly dispatched a fire truck to the scene. The full service headquarters of Zhangjiajie Fire Detachment sent out the police, and at the same time dispatched 2 fire trucks and 14 officers and soldiers from the special service fire brigade to reinforce the fire.
According to the site situation, the on-site commander immediately issued an order. The first group of fighters wore air respirators to search and rescue the trapped people, the second group was responsible for water supply, organized to lay water hoses along the stairs, and put out two water guns to fight the fire. At about 8:00, seven trapped people on the upper layer of the fire layer were successfully evacuated; At 8:20, two adults and one baby trapped in the fire room were successfully rescued. After nearly an hour of fighting, the fire was successfully put out by the firefighters and soldiers, effectively protecting the safety of the surrounding residential buildings. Subsequently, fire officers and soldiers further cooled the scene and cleaned up the fire site.
Spring is dry and dry, which is the peak period of fire. The fire department reminds the general public to pay attention to the fire prevention in spring and keep away from the threat of fire: pay attention to the correct use of electricity and fire, do not pull wires without permission, do not use all kinds of electrical equipment in violation of regulations, and ensure the safety of electricity use; When going out, please be sure to do the "three cleanings and three clearances": clean the kitchen, clean the balcony, clean the corridor, turn off the gas, turn off the power supply, and turn off the fire source; Do not stack waste cartons and other sundries in the corridor, do not stop and place vehicles randomly to occupy the fire passage, and do not damage the fire door; Take good care of and manage fire-fighting equipment and facilities. It is strictly forbidden to use them for other purposes or intentionally damage them, and it is not allowed to cover and block fire-fighting signs; In case of fire, call 119 fire alarm number in time. Don't delay the evacuation and escape opportunity because of greed for property.