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A tragedy! The man forced his ex-girlfriend to stop his luxury car and then set fire to kill both

2018-03-29 09:25

At 10:55 a.m. on March 28, in front of the square of Binjiang Shimao Commercial Street in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, a red Land Rover taxiing forward caught fire, and two people in the car were burned to death. On the evening of the 28th, the Wuhu Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that the accident was a criminal case caused by emotional disputes and conflicts. The dead man drove to stop the Land Rover and burned himself with gasoline.
According to the report, the deceased Chen and Wang had a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship before their death, but later broke up because of emotional incompatibility, but Wang has been pestering Chen. Since the 25th of this month, Wang has been following, following and pestering Chen to make peace, but Chen refused. Wang then had the evil idea of dying together, took the means of collision to force Chen to stop the Land Rover driving by Chen, forced Chen who got off to check to push onto the Land Rover, and then lit the gasoline on his body and burned himself, resulting in two people being burned to death.
According to the Emergency Call report, a person familiar with the local judicial system said that Wang was born in 1987 and educated in high school. He was arrested in 2015 on suspicion of committing contract fraud and was sentenced to three years' imprisonment and five years' probation. The person familiar with the matter said that as of the incident, Mr. Wang was still serving a sentence and was in the period of community correction. He needed to go to the judicial office regularly to participate in centralized education.