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China Fire Publicity Day

2019-11-08 17:34

Fire safety knowledge
In autumn, the weather is dry and the things are dry, which is the high period of fire hazard. Fire prevention experts suggest that the following "six taboos" should be paid attention to in summer family fire prevention:
1、 Avoid fire caused by failure of household appliances. When using electric furnaces and irons, it is necessary to avoid fire caused by wire damage caused by aging and frequent handling.
2、 Do not throw cigarette butts to cause fire. "A cigarette can destroy a towering building". Do not throw cigarette butts around, especially in places like the kitchen where there are many flammable substances.
3、 Do not set off fireworks to cause fire. To set off fireworks and firecrackers, it is necessary to master the correct setting off method. After setting off, the site shall be checked and cleaned to eliminate fire hazards.
4、 Do not burn garbage to cause fire. There may be combustible substances in the garbage, such as liquefied gas residue, glass bottles, firecrackers, waste liquid lighters, etc., which may explode once burned.
5、 Avoid fire caused by gas leakage. In case of gas leakage, immediately close the gas valve and stove switch and open the doors and windows. At this time, do not switch on any electrical appliances or use the indoor telephone and mobile phone. In case of gas leakage in the neighbor's house, immediately knock on the door to notify, and do not use the doorbell.
6、 Do not equip fire fighting equipment. Each family should be equipped with simple fire extinguishers, and each member should master the use method.