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Household type - simple fire extinguisher

Product classification:

DTE simple fire extinguisher












Product features

It is suitable for Class A, B, E and F initial fires, with a capacity of 460ml. The filling agent is DTE water extinguishing agent produced by our company, which will not cause any harm to human body and environment, and is convenient to use and easy to operate.

Product details

Through investigation and research, it has been proved that more than 95% of the causes of all large residential fires in the society at present are caused by the uncontrolled fire caused by the untimely extinguishment of the fire in the early stage of the family. Due to the large size and inconvenient operation of fire extinguishers widely circulated in the market, many fires can not be well controlled at the initial stage. According to this situation, our company has developed a simple DTE household fire extinguisher that is easy to operate and harmless to human body, which can fully solve the disadvantages of traditional fire extinguishers and bring security for you and your family.
● The fire extinguishing efficiency of this product has been tested by the Fire Safety Qualification Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security, and fully meets the national fire extinguisher standard. It also obtained the 3C qualification certificate issued by the Fire Safety Conformity Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security to ensure its fire fighting ability.
● It is small in size, light in weight, simple and convenient in use, and can be operated without any training. It can be used by the elderly and children, and can really put out fire with one hand.
● DTE environment-friendly non-toxic fire extinguishing agent produced by our company is used as filling liquid, which is non-toxic and harmless, and has no impact on human body and other side effects.
● It can quickly put out the fire at the initial stage of the fire and quickly reduce the temperature of the combustor to the range that can be touched by the human body.
● The product adopts patented production technology, internal dual-packaging, aluminum tank one-time molding, can withstand high temperature without gas explosion, and is equipped with fog-shaped wide-angle nozzle, which can spray 360 ° without dead angle.
圣辉Filling error: - 1.7%
Effective injection time: 14.83s
Effective spraying distance: 4.1m
Filling pressure: 0.96MPa
Injection lag time: 0
Injection residual rate: 0.9%

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