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S-3-A DTE water extinguishing agent

Product classification:

DTE water extinguishing agent












Product features

The product medicament specially provided by the fire fighting force can be diluted and used. It is suitable for Class A fire. The water solubility ratio with water is more than 1:33 (3%), and the pH is neutral.

Product details

Special products for fire fighting forces
Jiangxi Shenghui Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. has developed and produced a new generation of non-toxic environmental protection "DTE water extinguishing agent" after years of research and development. This fire extinguishing agent is far ahead of the traditional fire extinguishing agent, and truly achieves the fire fighting problem of high efficiency, environmental protection and non-toxic. It has been applied in the actual fire fighting of various fire fighting forces and has won wide praise.
● The agent can be diluted for use, and is applicable to Class A and B fires, and the water solubility ratio with water is more than 1:33 (3%). Fresh water or sea water can be used, regardless of the quality of soft and hard water, which will not affect the performance of DTE agent.
● The agent can be dissolved in water automatically, without power to assist in the water dissolution process, and there will be no segregation, stratification and precipitation after water dissolution.
● The fire extinguishing effect is fast and can prevent the fire from rekindling. When used, the fire site temperature can be instantly reduced to the normal temperature range that can be touched by human body, thus facilitating the on-site rescue of firefighters.
● The PH value of DTE fire extinguishing agent is neutral, which will not cause any corrosion damage to the articles, and is conducive to the post-treatment of the fire site.
● DTE fire extinguishing agent has no pollution to the environment and no harm to human body.
● It is applicable to all kinds of fire extinguishing equipment and is not limited by special equipment.
Freezing point: - 8 ℃
PH value: 7.3
Surface tension: 27.5mN/m
Corrosion rate: Q235 steel sheet: 4.3mg/(d • dm2) LF21 aluminum sheet: 0.1mg/(d • dm2)
Toxicity: zebrafish mortality is 0%
Fire extinguishing performance: 1A fire extinguishing succeeded

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